Make more money as a musician and start feeling more confident about yourself now! 

Make more money as a musician and start feeling more confident about what you can offer..

You're tired of not earning enough as a musician.

You might be studying right now and not sure how you're going to make a living when you leave college. 

You know you have the talent and the skills musically but not sure about how to translate that into a profitable music career where you can earn money and be aligned with who you are as a person. 

Do you feel knocked when you see someone else doing well in work or at college ?

Do you start telling yourself it's because you are too old, too young, too thin, fat, not good enough ? 

When you have the motivation and the accountability to get your ideas into the world and know how to market them and yourself as an aligned musician, that's where the magic happens! 


sound familiar ?



teach me plz

Month one

Brand Creation
Your Income structure & positioning 
Your money perceptions

what to expect

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Month two

Your Focus as an artist
Tech solutions for your business
Attraction marketing

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Month three

Your Elevator Pitch
Compelling Marketing Message
Social Media Training

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Month Four

Understanding how to launch your product/services
Pitching all you do to anyone 
Daily workflow for consistency

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Bonus Masterclasses with expert speakers..

How to use Video as a musician 
Selling without selling
Mindset and Launching







Work less hours each week for more money by reframing how you earn it

 Feel more confident about your abilities and self worth

 Have more time to pursue your artistic goals

 Gain more respect in the industry as you raise your profile 

Replace your [insert least fave job as a musician] income and make more in a month than ever before

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This course literally changed my life!


So let’s get to it!

“I’ve just hit a milestone. In my first month of VIP group membership we set up, my mortgage is paid from that alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“This is amazing, it works! - Selling this programme has given me a real boost of confidence”


“I am getting so much more attention now and have my first solo date in Europe! And it’s all down to you!”



She has worked as a singer for over 30 years while managing depression and high levels of anxiety due to childhood sexual assault. She felt hopeless sometimes on stage and learnt how to manage it and go on to tour the world, work for Elton John, Tony Bennett and Ozzy Osborne and sing on over 400 film soundtracks at Abbey Road Studios over the past 20 years.

She is now passionate about helping musicians overcome their feelings of anxiety and help them feel confident to apply the business skills needed to help their music career and step into their power as an artist with all the tools they need.

Sarah is a professional singer and business coach for musicians. The core component of her business is to empower musicians to be more by helping them cultivate the courage they need to step into a better version of themselves. 

In particular any musician who has suffered abuse or assault as a child and still struggling with the impact. Her work with clients on her MWMB Academy will fund a brand new foundation called HeRO (Heal, renew and overcome) to help musicians who are suffering - but with the right support could do great things.

Sarah recognised a problem in the industry when it comes to musicians understanding how to apply professional business skills to their own career. From understanding how to build an audience who will support them forever, or marketing a second income stream.

With more money in the bank and increased confidence, working musicians can enjoy a wealthier lifestyle that is typically enjoyed by major solo artists or non musical business owners outside the industry. 

She believes we are all equal and have whatever we want if we're willing to learn and put in the work with intention.

She has dispelled the myth that musicians need to be, or are ‘struggling artists’. 

After decades of self esteem issues and not earning what she was worth, Sarah has turned things around for herself by practising with inner work (hypnotherapy & meditation) and using self learnt ‘life experience’ tools to help her and her clients reframe negative thoughts into energetic action. Coupled with an understanding of how the business aspect works, it has resulted in a greater sense of peace, and a flow of wealth for her and them......if you're ready to experience the same...then come and join us! 

Feel more at peace with who you are

Feel confident about your income

Be able to pitch your show or programme with ease online

Have an email list growing of people who want what you know! 

Know what and how to post online to attract your ideal client

Have an enviable streamlined online presence!

By the end of four months you will

I'm ready!

Just two years ago, I was broken, tired and overwhelmed.

I was about to divorce for the second time. I felt embarrassed and ashamed of that. I had no money saved, great work, but not enough of it, I was exhausted after a few decades of dramas where I found myself in court houses around the UK!

First one dealing with the historic sexual assault within my family, second one fighting for custody of two children who belonged to my then partner.  I was functioning in life without clarity or intention. Putting one foot in front of the other to get through the day. 

I had to learn how to find the courage to restart my life and did it through RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) and Meditation. Somewhere the strength appeared and I turned things around. 

I can help because I’ve been there

but nowI know how to help!

After investing in myself, I learnt some life changing tools that changed everything…

“Thanks for a wonderful show, and for being a dream to work with” RAC Club

I hired a series of mentors over the past few years to help me. They showed me how to package a programme online for musicians and market to my network, they gave me a step by step process on how to pitch my elegant cabarets into luxury hotels for between 3-5K a night. The first one happened just last year at the RAC club in Epsom where I live. I contacted them and used the process. It worked! 

We worked on mindset, strategy, marketing, tech - everything you need to create something online and offline that would give me an income I needed and wanted. I live alone and have no one to fall back on if there is a ‘lean month’. So this training has been literally a life saver! 


I know that the strategies I have learnt and the plans I have put in place for students on the MWMB Academy will be a game changer for you too.  And the fact I’m a musician means I really get you! I know how it feels to be rejected when you’re trying to get more work. I know how tough it is to keep focussed and keep going.

You’ll feel supported and understood throughout the process. With a small sprinkling of tough love and positive encouragement to get things done!

You’ll also free up more time and make more money so you can spend time enjoying life. This will allow you to feel more confident about your music career and really think about where you’re going and what you want, and best of all, while you’re enjoying life’s luxuries with meals out, breaks away, if that floats yer boat! 

Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing you have more than enough money, a flow of ideal clients and to your absolute amazement offers of work that you never thought possible coming in for you....?

Study with others on the the same journey

An organised system to follow

Support and Accountability

Follow a proven roadmap


I invite you to make your breakthrough call with me to see if i can help.....

Taking back control of your negative self talk

Feeling more balanced, rested and working in alignment with what you want to create in your life

Reframing the way you earn money as a musician

Building an audience of loyal followers

Earning more money by believing in your worth

Changing your thought habits to create more peace and wealth in your life 

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

Let's chat 

This      for you if:

You are open minded and willing to learn

you have fixed mindset

You know that support and accountability is what you need

You want a done for you service

You want to step into a brighter, wealthier version of you! 

It's probably        for you if...

You are not willing to implement new ideas



Let's do this thing.


Q : Will I get lifetime access to everything in the programme ?

A : Yes! you can re watch and go over all the worksheets/spreadsheets to plan out your next launch over and over again. For life.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can I watch sessions on replay if I am away or working ?

A : Yes, they will uploaded to your client portal the day after our evening training. 

Q : What If I’m busy and don’t have time each week to learn or implement ?

A : Don’t worry! This whole programme is entirely flexible for you to go at your own pace. Why? Because I want you to take your time, to implement as you learn, to listen and re-listen as many times as you need! Everyone’s journey through The MWMB Academy will look a little different and that’s the beauty of it.But with my unique whatsapp community messenger support you won't get left behind! 

Q : Will there be live trainings throughout the programme ?

A : Yes. I will be holding your hand each week with a different training that will be recorded and stored for you in your client area. So you can refer back to it anytime. At the end of each training there will be a LIVE Q&A each week. 

Q : I’ve bought other courses before and have been disappointed. I’m worried this is “just another one of those.” How is yours different?

Here is what the MWMB Academy isn’t : a quick fix to stardom and wealth. No - you will most likely come up against mindset roadblocks. You will want to quit. You will want to have someone do everything for you. But if you're serious about your career and really love what you do and want more, I’m going to teach you how to feel empowered as a musician to take control your mind and business so you can implement the strategies needed to create the wealth you want. This programme is about living life beyond social media and in finding your voice so that you can grow a tribe of followers who love you for YOU!

Q : My time is limited, how much time will I need each week to set aside ?

A : Since you will have all the information recorded you can work at your own pace. BUT I would recommend that you think about putting 2 hours a week into this programme. I would recommend you listen to the module once or twice, spend time completing the workbook, and then implement. I love that you can pause during your busy weeks, take the modules on the go, and revisit a lesson once we’ve done that week and it’s recorded, when you’re feeling stuck. 

Q : How does the FB community work alongside the MWMB Academy ?

A : The Facebook group is an added bonus! I pop in weekly to answer questions, provide feedback, and encourage you on your journey through The MWMB Academy.. I love guiding you through the process and holding your hand as you try new things, implement new strategies, and grow your community! This group will never expire, once you’re in, you’re in for life!

Q: So, I’m curious, does Sarah do 1:1 feedback or group calls?

A : I am hanging out in our private Facebook group! I am on whats app for questions, and will come back to you within 24 hours - I love answering your questions and breaking things down for you if you’re not sure what you're doing! 

Q : The timing isn’t quite right for me now. Will I miss out if I don’t purchase now ?

A : I get it that life is busy and the right time might not be now for you. It isn’t a quick fix or overnight thing, it is a roadmap for your career. Only you can determine when the right time is for you to start. You won't miss out on the purchase price as it will stay the same for a good while, but you might miss out on moving the needle forward in your business! 

Q : I’m not sure what my focus is or what my extra income stream could be, so why should I join now and how will this help me ?

A : I hear you. Here’s what I think: If you ever decide to add an income stream, start a blog, or market yourself as a musician professionally, you’re going to wish you had started today. Yes, it’s going to take time, nothing good happens overnight! This programme will teach you how to build a business around YOU and tell your story (so that if your story ever includes any of the above, your audience will be warm and excited to join your newest adventure!) Your future self will thank you for taking a leap today!


I invite you to make your breakthrough call with me to see if i can help.....